br2My name is Brent Riggs.  I am married, have 8 kids, operate multiple businesses including Riggs Design Works, Linky Tools and Linky Followers. I have worked hard all my life, never won a lottery or found a suitcase of money on my front door step.  We live a modest lifestyle and always will.  More income to us means more opportunities to serve and show kindness – rather than more lifestyle.

Hard work, generosity, and honesty are generally a fruitful way to live and I am no exception to that principle. I am further blessed to live at a time when an unprecedented business opportunity exists for anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection. I was born at just the right time (1965) to the experience the entire computer age and Internet phenomenon come to pass.

The Story

Over two decades ago, I started as a graphic designer with an exacto-knife and calligraphy pen.  When the first computers came out, I saw the future and jumped on the digital train. To this day, almost 25 years later, I’m just as passionate about learning new technology and skills as I was in those early days.

I started on the Internet primarily as a writer long before it was called “internet.” It was Arpanet, then the “information superhighway,” then “world wide web,” and mercifully ended up being called simply “the web” or “the Internet.”  My graphic-design background and writing morphed into website and blog development.  My business background was well developed by this time and I was blessed to have the perfect blend of skills and experience when I first discovered “online business.”

A couple of years ago, I turned my attention to “online business” and have learned how to generate income from a wide variety of revenue streams.  My “side” income from passive 24/7 online business projects now far exceeds my income as an employee (in fact, staying on at my “;job” is a choice; I keep doing it because I love what I do, enjoy the people I work with and my online business practically runs itself).

Why A Blog About Online Business and Passive Income?

We live in a new business era built on technology. We live in a time when economic and political philosophies are causing it to be harder to make income and secure wealth.

But we also have the greatest opportunity for passive or supplemental income we have ever dreamed about: the Internet. “Online business” is the frontier of home-based business, side businesses, and the self-employed. The ENTIRE WORLD is literally your buying audience, accessible from a keyboard sitting at your kitchen table. It’s mind boggling.

I’m just an average Joe. I did it, so can you, and I am going to teach you how. It is too much information to squeeze into one book or post or training program… so you need to make sure you are signed up to Linky Blog, where I will be continually posting lots of great information about online business, passive income, blogging, and personal finance in general. I’ll be doing eLearning, tutorials, case studies, demonstrations… I’m going to make everything that helps me with my online business available to you.

Because I genuinely want people to succeed… because I genuinely believe “online business” is doable for everyone… because I believe that the Internet is big enough to let us all play together… and because I believe we are living in a time politically and culturally that demands we bring in income from multiple sources and not just depend on a job, I have dedicated this blog and my entire online effort to teaching anyone who wants to learn all my lessons learned, techniques, successes, and advice about how to make good money with an online business. The center of activity will be this blog so make sure you sign up (you get a ton of really great stuff when you sign up).

What Now?

Click here to sign up and get some of my very best ebooks and information to help you get started.  Feel free to contact me ANY time with questions and feedback. I always respond PERSONALLY.


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I want to leave you with a couple of final thoughts:  

First, I know you have seen (or will see eventually) lots of folks out there offering wild claims and schemes about making money online. 99% of them have one thing in common: the only money they have ever made online is selling you “how to make money online” products.  There are a handful of us who have actually built online businesses that produce income from a wide variety of projects, products, and techniques, with our “how to make money online” information simply being a byproduct of that success. Even if it’s not me, find someone who has TRULY been successful making online income in many different ways, and learn from them. Ignore the rest. You’re just a sucker to them, perpetuating the cycle.

Finally, I’m not into all the hype, hard selling, and gimmicks. I hate 20-foot-long sales pages with fake testimonials and “over one gagillion dollars value for only $9.95 if you buy NOW… you’ll NEVER see this offer again!!!” (unless you visit again next week).  I am going to give you tons of free advice and information I have learned from my experience and success. I’ll have some products and services for sale but they will be legitimate, a good value, and come with a simple guarantee: if you are not happy, I will give your money back. Life is too short.  I want to be successful. I want YOU to be successful. By doing so, we help each other, and those around us that we care for.