EPIC BookAfter 15+ years of being online, months of writing, and a tanker truck of coffee, the EPIC Book is here.

The EPIC Book is over  FOUR HUNDRED PAGES – yes, 400 – packed with information, experience, knowledge, tips, advice, lessons learned, and practical instruction. Not 400 pages of big fonts, wide margins, and huge graphics that eat up a lot space so a big page count can be advertised. The EPIC Book has over 135,000 words, dwarfing typical good eBooks that usually average 20,000 – 30,000 words. Nor it is just a bunch of filler content and stuff you won’t read so I can advertise a high word count.

Every page in this book is useful and relevant, the very best of what I have learned and experienced in the last two decades of being online. I was blessed to begin online way back before the general public even knew what “the information superhighway” was, before we all truly grasped what the Internet would become. What you will find in this book is the experience of a long, long time online and countless rounds of trial and error, testing, learning, starts and stops, and a relentless passion to learn everything I can learn about all things blogging, internet marketing, and online business.

Linky Blog Subscribers Only

To reward the loyalty of current Linky Blog subscribers, I’m offering it to you one time at a price no one else gets who isn’t subscribed. This is not some gimmicky marketing technique. The retail price is $39.99 (and that’s almost ridiculous for a 400-page book with this much content); it’s $19.99 for normal Linky Blog Subscribers and $9.99 for two groups only for short time: 1) first-time new subscribers (get ONE chance to purchase at this price), and 2) my current Linky Blog Subscribers get one shot at this price.  I didn’t think it was fair or appreciative to give everyone else one shot at $9.99 and ignore the most valuable and loyal folks (current subscribers).

Here’s a taste of what you get in this remarkable book:

  • Must-Have Resources, Tools, & Software
  • Over 100 Killer Blogging Tips
  • 65 Great Headlines to Get You Started
  • Over 110 Brilliant Blog-Writing Ideas
  • 80+ Online Business Tips
  • Digital Photography 101 – A Full Guide to Digital Photography Basics & Concepts
  • A Visual Guide to Online Business
  • Genesis Week – First 7 Days Of Your Online Business
  • Over 60 Profitable Online Business Ideas
  • Over 50 Ways To Make Money Online, Writing, Designing, Publishing, Marketing & Automating A World-Class eBook
  • Mistakes To Avoid – Lessons Learned From My First Dozen eBooks
  • Checklist: 30 Things You Can Do To Improve
  • An Interview With An Online Expert
  • A Library of Useful Articles
  • And more, more, more!

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Risk Free, Guaranteed

Let me make this simple: if you get the EPIC Book and decide it wasn’t right for you or not worth your money, I’ll give you your money back. Plain and simple, no risk to you.

Linky Blog One-Time Special Price

Again, this is not a gimmick price to get you to buy now. The only reason I’m offering for $9.99 is plain and simple: gratitude. I’m grateful that you are a subscriber.  You deserve a special price because you’ve already invested your valuable time and interest in what I’m doing.

Got A Blog & Some Readers?

Want the EPIC book free and make some income too? If you have a blog with some decent traffic or fair amount of subscribers, you can do a review of EPIC or offer it for sale to your readers in a blog post or advertisement on your blog. I”ll send you a copy and give 50% of any purchases made from your site.  If you are interested, give me a shout at brent@brentriggs.com and let me know about your blog.

One Time

Here’s your one chance to buy EPIC Book at $9.99 as a loyal subscriber to Linky Blog. Not sure how long I’ll leave this post up, so if you want it, you should go ahead and get it.





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