Anyone who can use a computer and has something to write about can be a blogger. Blogs can be about anything and everything. Topics range from web design, electronics, sports, cars, travel, fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, food, and animals . . . the list is endless. While a lot of blogs are like personal journals, more and more blogs are being created for business and monetary purposes.

Blogging can be both fun and lucrative. One of the best things about blogging is that it is easy to start and you can personalize your blog as you see fit.  Many people around the world have become famous because of their blogging sites, gaining fans as well as money through advertisements. They even get a lot of perks and privileges.

The Internet indeed provides every individual overwhelming freedom over their website, but this also comes with a lot of responsibility. The Internet provides infinite space for information, facts, ideas, opinions, and even images that could sometimes be exaggerated, malicious, or downright untrue. In the hands of millions of individual users, the World Wide Web can be both been a blessing and a curse.

Blogging has definitely become more popular over the years since the Internet is now available to most households. Anyone who wants to be a great blogger needs to have a substantial following. A lot of bloggers have resorted to online sites that offer blogging success by utilizing search engine optimization to provide traffic, increased number of views, “likes,” and the promise of potential readers.

Bloggers must avoid promises of “magic” traffic results for meager price tags; because often, something that seems too good to be true is no good at all. Most of these sites are run by scammers that obviously want to make money off of inexperienced bloggers trying to build their online business.  Even if the scammers do generate a little traffic, they most likely will not be researching the right target audience that should be genuinely interested in your blog topic.  The traffic that does show up on your blog through these kinds of scams will not come back.

Some scammers even go as far as selling “online business packages.” In reality, there are a lot of people who make a living out of fooling people for money. If online business packages have more flowery words than necessary and seem to be making questionable/sketchy claims, chances are, they will sell your blog the same way (if they will even sell your blog at all).

Blogging success can never be bought. While there are legitimate ways to market your blog, you need to do a lot of research and verification before committing to hire any outside marketing company.

At the end of the day, a blog’s success depends on the quality, content, integrity, and relevance of your blog content.   You cannot “buy” loyal readers, you need to earn them.

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