The easiest route to blog failure is to never finish anything. Unfortunately, a lot of people simply give up on their blog. Even if they know how important it is to churn out new ideas and come up with fresh blog content, their motivation is just never enough to make it to the last paragraph of what they are writing about. Hence, they end up with a dozen drafts but no published content.

What should be done to avoid this mistake? Start by identifying what hinders you from completing your blog writing.  Then come up with a way to remove or lessen the hindrance.

Being easily distracted or lacking discipline

How many times have you experienced this scenario? Your hot coffee is right beside you, your mind seems to be in the mood to write, and you feel the creative juices flowing through your head. Then, when you turn on the computer, you end up browsing online, playing games, visiting shopping websites, or chatting with friends. Yes, the internet can be a bottomless source of useful knowledge; but if you allow it, the distractions within the internet just might be the downfall of your online business.

If you really want to get to the end of your articles, work on being more disciplined to the task at hand and having more focus on your writing. It is understandable that sometimes you will need a break from writing to be able to come up with more brilliant ideas; however, you need to set time limits to your breaks or you might get to the end of your “blogging” time with nothing to post online because you wandered off to the Internet playground.

Never finishing because it has to be “perfect”

Being a perfectionist is not wrong but if you want your blog site to be successful, you need tame the perfectionism down a bit. Sometimes, this attitude is the culprit as to why not a single blog post is ever finished. Nothing is ever good enough.

The best way to deal with this is to set certain standards and specify a more realistic definition of what is acceptable to publish. For example, you can focus on the length of the article, style of writing, approach for introduction, and other writing goals. Write the articles with these standards in mind. Once you are done, spend some time proofreading so that the articles are free of typographical and grammatical errors. By setting some standards that you can realistically attain, you will find it easier to finish articles without jeopardizing their quality and usefulness.

Be the “big-picture” person then be willing to hire help

Another key for successful blogging is to realize how much you can do and how far your skills can take you. Some people can come up with the most attention-grabbing ideas but they can not translate their thoughts to writing. If you feel that you are stricken with the same problem, then consider getting a freelance writer or contractor.

You can still be in control of your blog by coming up with topics that would capture the attention and interest of website visitors. Work closely with your hired writer so that the style and quality that you are aiming for can be maintained.

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