It’s nice to get a head start by knowing what NOT to do as a blogger. Even if you’ve been blogging for a while, you should makes sure you are not falling into bad habits.

Magic Traffic

There are no magic programs, tricks, or easy solutions for getting new traffic and readers. Anyone who says there is, IS LYING to you and probably wants some money from you.  Don’t fall for it.

Good writing, befriending your readers, visiting other blogs, leaving comments, and good-old-fashioned marketing is the only way to grow your traffic. You can bait, buy, and gimmick new traffic to your blog… but it will not be high-quality, long-lasting traffic.

Sloppy Posts

Bad grammar, juvenile punctuation, typos,  improper capitalization… sure-fire ways to make you look like you are not serious about blogging and do not care if you insult your readers. Another way to be sloppy is to put no thought into the flow of your content and just ramble on with no apparent purpose.

Write with a plan. Spell, punctuate, and capitalize like a grown-up… okay, a grown-up from 30 years ago (that will get me some comment emails for sure).

Me, Me, Me

Very few blogs (there are a few) can be successful when the content is about YOU and not your readers. “You” can be the topic as long as the information is still of benefit to the reader.  Many new bloggers make the mistake of thinking their life, opinions, and interests will be as important to others as they are to themselves. In extraordinary exceptions, they can be… but as a rule, they are not.  Your opinions, interests, and life are only interesting to people to the degree it does something for them: it makes them feel better, it makes them live a higher quality life, it teaches them something, or it solves a problem for them.

If you write a blog all about you that only benefits you, do not be surprised when you are the only one reading it regularly.

 Who Cares Posts

When you write something, ask “who cares?”  Or more accurately, ask “will my readers care?”  If not, do not publish it. And you have to learn this one important principle: just because you care, does not mean your readers will.

Many bloggers make the mistake of believing their passion is automatically their readers’ passion. It’s not.  Learn to discern. You cannot force readers to be emotionally stirred or interested in something just because you are.  Yes, your writing can compel that response in them (and that’s what good writing does) but this is different than starting out with the assumption that because you are jazzed about frog yard art, your readers simply MUST be as well.  Ask yourself about your post: will my readers care?   Be honest about the answer. Poll your audience for potential topics if you need to get a feel for their interest.

– – – – – – – – –

Avoid those common mistakes and you will already be ahead of the vast majority of bloggers.


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