Blogs are everywhere. Seems like every business, charity, politician, musician and plenty of ordinary people have one. Starting out as a slightly geeky internet niche, they have become ubiquitous. You can find blogs on anything you can think of, from organic mattresses to global economics. Anyone can blog about any subject. Bloggers can get started without any technical know-how and without needing to spend any money. So, why do they do it?  Here are some of the main reasons:


Businesses and other organizations generally have blogs on their websites. Blogs are fantastic marketing tools. They allow businesses to upload fresh content to their website on a regular basis, which keeps them at the top of search engines. They allow them to communicate with their customers more informally than on their main site. They help them promote particular parts of their business at the right time (for example, a holiday company might publish a blog about skiing holidays during autumn).


Individuals like to market themselves on blogs too. The current US presidential election candidates are making use of blogs to get their message across. Sports-people, musicians, writers and actors all often use blogs to have a dialogue with their followers and try and win more.


Blogs can make money, although they don’t always. Savvy, established bloggers can monetize their blog with adverts, recommendations and affiliate sales.

Contributing to a community

Many people write blogs because they have something relevant to say or contribute in a particular area. Certain types of blogs form networks: online communities of bloggers who all read each other’s blogs and support each other. A good example is food blogs: foodie bloggers share recipes and restaurant recommendations online.

Writing a diary

Some people like to write a blog as a diary, and the form lends itself perfectly to this. Some of the most followed blogs are diary blogs, one of the most notorious being ‘Diary of a London Call-Girl’, which went on to become a TV series. Travel blogs are also a form of diary blogging, and a great way for people to let their friends know what they are doing when abroad.

Do you know why you blog?

You should. It gives you purpose and motivation. Knowing WHY you blog provides the energy and perseverance needed to sustain when you don’t feel like writing anything. It’s like having a “mission statement” for your blog.

Know why you blog. Let that drive your content and your goals for the blog. It will help you be focused and productive.

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