A lot of bloggers offer a list of traditional “tips for writing a great blog post.”  I’ve done it too… it’s great information but not especially unique, just useful:

 There are a lot of ways to boost your writing creativity that don’t follow the usual list of “how-to’s.”  Here are some tips I hope are fresh and new to you that you can do right now to boost your creativity:

  1. Pull out a piece of paper and a pencil.  Shut off the laptop, the computer, and the note-taking Smartphone, then grab some non-screen-related writing materials and take a walk.  Get away from your usual writing spot and hand-write some notes as you enjoy the peace and quiet (or hustle and bustle) of some different scenery.
  2. Break your own mold.  Look at your archive of posts to see if you tend to write the same kinds of posts (i.e. lots of “How to’s,” “Top 10 Ways,” Lists) then aim to write something in an entirely different format. 
  3. Continue a popular post.  Which posts of yours had the most interaction?  The most popularity?  Think about how you can expand on the original ideas or take a new angle altogether.
  4. Write less and think more.  If you struggle to meet your own publishing schedule, and feel like you can’t come up with any new ideas to write on daily (or weekly), give yourself more time between posts.  Take more time to focus on the writing ideas you do come up with. 
  5. Write more and think less.  Many bloggers never get around to writing. They plan, they schedule, they outline… but they never write. Just write. Dump your brain, let the thoughts flow freely then go back and massage the thoughts into your blog post.
  6. Look for inspiration.  Other blogs can provide a wealth of writing material if you read them with an eye for inspiration.  When you come across something useful, think about how you could improve upon the content (or write from a different viewpoint on the same topic).
  7. Mimic a blogger you like. Pick out one of your favorite bloggers and a favorite post of theirs. Now let that inspire you to write your own version of the topic based on your experience, your opinion, or your angle.
  8. Ask your readers.  To make sure that you are gearing your content towards the needs and expectations of your readers, ask them.  You can either ask them to comment on a post, or to email you, or you might set up a survey with some options for your readers to rank in order of their preference.  

 Next time you are suffering from blogger blues, lazy brain, or Passive Electronic Syndrome, try one or more of the techniques above.  If you have any ideas to add to this list, share them with me and I’ll do a follow up post – 




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