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Most bloggers, especially new bloggers, do not realize the value of an email address. A simple email lets a company talk directly to their audience to inform them of new products, sale offers, and general updates. So while some might think that an email address is simple contact information, many are capitalizing on converting opened emails to click-throughs and actual sales.

The truth is that companies pay big money to get their hands on a good email list. Once you have these valuable email addresses, it is time to start building relationships by sending out email that is relevant and worth your readers’ attention. And RELATIONSHIP is the key. If you have a real relationship with the address owner, your email will be welcome. Otherwise, its just more JUNK for them to deal with.

Personally sending out an email to a few addresses who have requested your information is easy when your readership is small. But trouble brews when you have to send information out to hundreds or thousands of addresses (and don’t wait until you have ‘hundreds” to start managing your list. Start NOW, even if you only have ten, trust me). An email-list-management service can assist you in designing your email, sending it out, reporting how many readers clicked on your links, how many unsubscribed, and how many bounced (bad addresses that did not get delivered). Knowing these statistics will help you improve your communication in the future, by making sure you are sending out an email that will have positive effects on your company. You are also guaranteed that your email will not be tagged as spam.

What To Look For In Email-List-Management Services

One of the most important things to research is if your provider has relationships with Internet Service Providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL. This will allow the service to blast an email to thousands of people without going into their spam folder. Also keep an eye on post-email support and analytics that can help you study your mailing list’s behavior.

Let us now take a look at three email-marketing-service providers that are getting good reviews from users: Aweber Communications, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response.

Aweber Communications

Aweber Communications takes pride in its professional email-signup forms and autoresponder services that help build relationships with clients. People say that you cannot go wrong with a price tag starting at $19 per month for unlimited emails to a subscriber list of up to 500 addresses.

On the upside, Aweber offers over 150 custom HTML templates, and valuable email reporting and tracking. You can even attach files to emails and archive your messages, all while enjoying superior customer support. Aweber also allows users to automatically create e-mails from blog posts (RSS Feed), create stylish signup forms, manage subscribers, and target subscribers based on their actions.

Despite good reviews, Aweber does have a few negatives to consider. Among the top complaints is that it cannot host images , it does not provide survey tools, and it will not let you edit HTML. Duplicate emails are also not automatically removed, rather they have to be manually deleted.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the oldest email services around. For a monthly fee of $15 – $150, depending on the list size, you can manage your email list, monitor and archive emails, and even conduct surveys. Constant Contact is offering a free 60-day trial if your e-mail list contains less than 100 addresses.

One of the advantages of Constant Contact is that it is easy to use. Design is a cinch with over 400 newsletter templates. It is also easy to import email addresses. You can promote your campaign on social media and also receive “social stats” to see who tweet, likes, and shares your emails. One of the disadvantages to this service is that archiving requires an additional fee.

Vertical Response

Vertical Response offers archiving services for free and boasts of 25mb of online image storage; that is a huge amount compared to what Constant Contact offers.

One major selling point of Vertical Response is their “pay-as-you-go” email marketing program which offers $.01/email or a monthly unlimited fee of $8.50. If you do not send out a lot of e-mails, their pay-as-you-go program might be a good fit. If you do send out messages to larger e-mail lists, you can choose a monthly or “prepay and save” subscription program tailored to your number of users. All Vertical Response accounts include:

• Free image hosting
• Customizable opt-in forms
• List management and segmentation tools
• Return on investment reporting
• Social Sharing on Facebook and Twitter
• Free Customer Support

Other services available through Vertical Response include Social Media Marketing, Event Marketing, Online Surveys, and Postcard Mailings. All of these require additional fees.

One of the reasons why companies stay loyal to Vertical Response is its ability to segment a mailing list and do real-time reporting. But people are complaining that despite their presence in the US since 2001, they still do not offer an autoresponder and cannot guarantee that your email stays away from the spam folder all the time.

I Recommend…

I have been blogging for more than 15 years and I know the value of staying connected with my subscribers through email. In order to get my email messages out to my readers as efficiently as possible, I use and recommend Aweber Communications. I love their blog broadcast, new user campaigns and split testing.

There are many email marketing and subscriber list management services and new ones coming online all the time. Do your homework. Ask other successful bloggers what they recommend. Check out the demo’s and trial offers before making a choice. It’s serious pain to switch after you’ve gotten dug in deep with one of the services, so be patient and make a good decision.

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