Great tools

There are a lot of really great tools and software you can use for blogging or online business. We all have our favorites.  Here’s a page full of mine.

Everyone has different experiences, different discoveries, different ways of using the same software. The problem is, we rarely find out what other people have discovered and how they are using that plugin, service or software.

So, I’m going to share one of my favorite with you in hopes you’ll discover a great new tool… and then I’m hoNiping you’ll share yours with me and all the other readers. To make it even more fun and add a little competition to it. I’ll award $50 to the suggestion I think deserves it most.  Here’s one of my very favorite cool tools and how I use it:

Ninja Affiliate by MaxBlogPress

Truly a “must” have in my opinion. All my books and blogs benefit from this software; the best way for you to find out about the Ninja Affiliate software is to watch their video at their website. But here’s how I describe it to others:

  • Create friendly links to whatever you want
    • Example: becomes “
  • Create friendly links for your affiliate product links
    • Example: my affiliate link to Arvixe WordPress hosting () becomes “”
  • Keywords on your blog get linked wherever they appear to anything you want
    • Example: “Brent Riggs” gets automatically linked to “” whenever it appears
  • Keywords on your blog get linked to affiliate sites automatically
    • Example: “WordPress” gets linked to Arvixe affiliate page: “”
    • Example: “affiliate marketing” gets linked automatically to Ninja Affiliate page

Ninja Affiliate is a “can’t live without” as far as I’m concerned. It makes “friendly links”, “automatic affiliate linking” and “keyword linking” an automated and super easy task.

– – – – – – – – – –

Okay, that’s my tool and suggested use.  It’s not the longest suggestion that will win the $50… it’s the one that most makes me go “WOW! I’m glad you told us about that!”

Use the COMMENTS below to leave us your cool tool and super suggested use…


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