Affiliate commissions

A blog is not just a place to speak your mind and share your adventures; it is also a place where you can earn serious money. Many bloggers all over the world are learning to blog the smart way and take advantage of affiliate-advertising income streams.

Affiliate programs are more common than you think. Visit a website or a blog and pay attention to banner advertisements on the side or bottom of the site. It is not true that only popular high-readership blogs can successfully promote ads; even a start-up blog can begin displaying ads. The deciding factors as to whether or not you can earn an income from affiliate advertising is whether or not your content matches the advertiser, and if you can generate enough traffic to view the ads.

Ways to Earn Income

There are three ways to earn from affiliate programs:

• “Pay Per Impression” – your income is dependent on the number of times a banner is shown on your site, called an “impression” for short. It is also referred to as “CPM” or “cost per thousand.” So a CPM of $10 means you earn ten dollars for every thousand banner displays.

• “Pay Per Click” or “PPC” – your site visitor has to click on the ad or the banner. The trick is to make the banner as attractive and as targeted as possible.

• “Pay Per Sale” – you earn by commission every time a visitor clicks on the link and buys the advertised product.

Getting Started With Affiliate Programs

The first step is to choose an affiliate network where you can choose advertisers for your site. Some popular choices include Google AdSense, Amazon.Com Associate Program, Commission Junction, Clickbank, and LinkShare Corporation.

Your advertisements will really depend on the content you share. As an example, if your blog is about travel, then look for affiliate programs and products that can relate to you and your readers’ interests. All you have to do is get the affiliate code from your account and paste into your site. Put some thought into which of the three payment methods featured above will be best for your site. Starting out may seem easy, but it always helps to have a strategy to start earning.

Advantages and Disadvantages

There are hundreds of dollars to be earned per month with effective affiliate marketing programs. But before you jump on board, here are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider.

For the advantages, it is fairly easy to sign-up for an affiliate program. You just need to choose which product or service to advertise and match it to your site. You also do not need a lot of marketing know-how, you just need to talk about what you are passionate about and get a following. A definite advantage is that you get to earn income without monetary investment.

On the downside, the level of competition is a clear disadvantage. There are thousands of others who are advertising the same company, so it can be quite difficult to stand out. As an affiliate, you also do not have control of the products being advertised on your site. A product can be featured from one week to one year, depending on the advertiser. Last but not least, your earnings will depend on how much commission the affiliate network charges. What is left behind is the amount you earn.

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