So you’ve taken the first step and started your own blog. Great! But the work doesn’t stop there. If you want to create a blog that starts paying, you need to make sure you grow your readership. And with stacks of blogs out there, it’s important you know what you’re getting yourself in to… so read on to discover our top tips to help grow your blog.

1. Simple SEO

SEO might seem like another language but it isn’t. Go to Google and start searching for keywords that are related to your blog. For instance if it’s a gardening blog, try things like ‘Gardening tips for Autumn’. When the search results come back you’ll be able to see how many articles there are on this subject. You can also start typing into the Google search bar and you’ll see Google predicts what you will type with the most popular keywords. Incorporate these keywords and phrases naturally into your blog and your post will rank higher in Google. Ultimately leading to you receiving more traffic.

2. Network

Yep, even in the virtual world it’s all about mingling. Writing a blog is all well and good but you need to let people know it exists. Get yourself on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and start connecting with people who might be interested in your blog. For instance, if you’re writing a fashion blog get online and start ‘liking’ particular fashion Facebook pages. The key is to then start commenting and engaging with what’s going on, on their page so that their users begin to notice you. Make sure you interact online on websites that are appropriate to your blog output. For instance a blog on business insurance would probably be best promoted on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook.

3. Promote

In order to build a buzz and community feel around your blog, it’s a great idea to promote blogs and businesses in a similar field. You might think this should be the last thing you’d do, but it’s not. Think of it like this – if you start helping out another small business, they’ll most likely do the same for you. It’s an ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ scenario.

4. Incentives

If you’re wondering how to entice people to subscribe to your blog or keep coming back, how about setting up a simple competition? The prize doesn’t have to cost you the earth – for instance, mega milk company Cravendale are currently running competitions to win mugs – so think of a prize that relates to your company and set up the competition. Make sure to post details on Facebook and Twitter as well as your blog.

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