Generating traffic for your blog is a challenging task that, at times, will need a lot of creativity on your part. As such, bloggers have been partnering with marketing companies to facilitate contests. This has been proven to be a very effective strategy to bring in new readers, especially for popular bloggers.

Holding contests is definitely a great way to increase traffic for your blog. By giving away big-ticket prizes such as getaway trips, the latest smartphones, or even expensive beauty treatments, people have extra motivation to actively visit your blog and participate in your contests. The more enticing your prizes are, the more people will find good reasons to keep visiting your blog.

Blog owners usually cannot afford to give away big-ticket prizes on their own. Most bloggers partner with marketing companies who provide the prizes. Since this is an indirect way to increase brand awareness, most marketing companies are usually interested in partnering with popular bloggers. Some marketing companies approach bloggers to suggest a product giveaway so they can in turn benefit from the free advertising and product exposure.

You do not need to have expensive prizes to hold a contest.  Even a brand-new blogger can hold a fun contest with a small group of readers by giving away something like a $5 gift card to Itunes, Amazon, or something relevant to your blog theme.   A contest like this certainly might bring in new readers to your blog, but it also is a way to thank your current readers and let them know that you appreciate the time that they devote to your blog.  If you have products available on your website, you might offer one as a prize for your contest.  If you have an e-book available, offer free copies.  Be creative and work within your budget.

The mechanics of the contests actually vary from blogger to blogger. The method of joining can either be through liking a photo, answering a random trivia question, submitting a video entry, or even recommending the blog site to five new friends. In fact, a popular way to facilitate a giveaway contest is through comment posting.  By leaving a comment to a blog post, you are automatically given a chance to win the prize.

The nature of the contests is really dependent on the bloggers. Try to go with the easiest methods for people to sign up; the more steps people have to take, the less likely they are to actually participate in your contest.

Social-networking sites are also effective platforms for product giveaways and contests. Since there are more active users on these websites, you can reach more people with your contest or promotion. Facebook has become a popular option for blog contests because it is so easy for your readers to “share” your contest with their friends list (which could earn them one entry in your contest).  Services such as are available to handle the logistics of your contests.

With all your promotions and contests, no matter where you advertise, make sure there is a link to your blog and an invitation for contest participants to come and check out what your blog has to offer.  That’s the point of the contest anyway, right?


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