In my last post I invited folks to submit their ideas for getting more readers for their blog.  Any submissions I publish also get a link and blurb. So here they are…

Be sure to visit their blogs… what comes around goes around. Maybe it might be YOUR idea listed here next and you’ll want people to visit your blog.

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I figured people visit blogs because they are trying to find information, right? So why not offer them a chance to ask something they’ve always wanted know. I have them email me directly, but because of some of the subject matter; they have the option of me posting their questions anonymously. I’ve gotten great feedback so far, but won’t know how successful it will be until a few weeks in. Since we’re just starting with this, I’m waiting to see how it goes.  

I’m Michell Pulliam and I blog over at “Prowess and Pearls”.  It’s a blog mainly for women, but I do have a few male readers. J I blog to encourage, inspire and challenge women to do themselves well. My blog is written for women and women’s issues, i.e. (relationships, family matters, marriage, parenting, homemaking, etc.) is my niche.  

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Another great way to make sure that people are reading your blog posts is to have catchy, descriptive titles. People are often skimming through Facebook, email, or their favorite blog-reading sites and a great title is one way to make your post stand out from the rest.

You want it to be short and simple, clever yet straightforward enough that people know what you’re talking about. Before you hit the “post” button, read your title back to yourself. Is it something appealing? Does it portray the message that your post carries?

Aubrey is the creator and editor of Homegrown & Healthy (, a website dedicated to sharing information about healthy, natural living.

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The one thing that has worked the best for me is commenting on other blogs.  I started out commenting on a few blogs but realized after awhile that if a person comments on my blog and I reciprocate by commenting on theirs, they will usually keep coming back to my blog and commenting.  It isn’t enough to leave just one comment, you have to build a friendship with the other blogger by returning to their blog and commenting several times a week.  It takes a lot of time but it is worth it. 

Blog Hops

I join several blog hops throughout the week and I try to comment on as many blogs that are linked up as possible to try to generate new traffic to my site.  I also started my own blog hop last week that I think is going to go over big…at least I hope so!  Since my blog is about dogs and I promote adoptions from shelters, I started a blog hop featuring a shelter animal from a local shelter or rescue.  I had a decent response the first week, but had lots that said they were going to join this week.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will generate a lot of traffic from the hop, but more importantly that it will also get the word out about cats and dogs that need to be adopted!     

Lisa Brown writes about her three dogs and dog care tips on her blog, Dogs N Pawz.

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Build relationships with people!  Allow folks to know who you are.  Include pictures of yourself and an easy to find bio in case people would like to know more.  Share with people on social networking sites AND engage with them.  Respond to emails, comments and questions. 

Consistently produce quality work your readers will benefit from and enjoy but don’t be afraid to show readers your mistakes.  One of my more popular posts involves pictures of three or four failures before I got to the beautiful end result.  If you let people know you aren’t perfect but still try they will feel encouraged to try too. 

Amanda – mommy is coocoo  is a DIY and budget decorating blog with lots of laughing about the realities of motherhood and marriage.

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I have seen my readership somewhat grow when I post comments on other sites or respond to other people’s tweets. I don’t go out and post comments willy nilly because that seems so insincere. I like to leave comments on blogs I truly enjoy reading. I think if you look at it as a labor of love rather than trying any grabby method to get readers to your blog, then you’ll attract the readership you desire.

My blog is a clearinghouse of stuff I’m working on around the house as a stay at home mom (crafts, gardening, etc.).

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I think the best way to get more readers for your blog is to connect and support other bloggers by leaving genuine, non-spam comments on their blogs and participating in/sharing their events via social media. It’s a natural thing to do when you appreciate other bloggers’ content, but it also allows many more folks to learn about you and your site and become readers of yours as well. This type of sharing/networking will also lead you to many more bloggers and opportunities for new readers, plus allow you to create valuable blogging partnerships. 

My name is Shirley Braden. I have two blogs, Gluten Free Easily ( and All Gluten-Free Desserts (

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Blogging can be a lonely place if you do not have other people to support and encourage you. Go through your list of bloggers you have met in person and pull out the top ones that encourage you. These should be the cream of the crop and ones who are a cheerleader for you.

Once you have identified who is in your support system, place them into a special group. This can be done through a private Facebook group, Triberr, a private Google+ community or a private list on Twitter. Share your content in the group and ask members to share it through their social media channels. Not only do you have a supportive community to strengthen your bond, your posts are being shared through new channels. Collectively your tribe is stronger, which will naturally grow more readers for every member of the tribe.

Wendy Wright is a homeschooling photographer who dreams of becoming a Disneyland photographer so she can wear Minnie Mouse ears every day. In the meantime she teaches and hosts Mom’s Nite Out events when she is not increasing her gamer score on the Xbox 360. Wendy writes Choosing Love and Arizona Moms Network.  

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Create a community in your niche – It might be your first instinct to feel that all of the others who blog in your same niche are your competitors, but the reality is that there are more than enough readers for us all.  When you create a sense of community in your own niche the support, camaraderie and knowledge that you gain through these relationships is invaluable.  And don’t be afraid to share their work with your readers.  Your readers will view you as an expert in your niche with great resources to the content they are looking for.  And the community you create will share your work and your exposure to a new audience will grow and evolve into new, regular readers.

Karah blogs at the space between, a DIY blog where she is currently chronicling her adventures in renovating a 1950’s Key West Conch home with a solid dose of self deprecating humor.  Join her on the journey to make the most of every space she’s in.

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Offline can be a useful as on-line connections to new readers. Find magazines in your niche and write a letter to the editor on some relevant topic. Even a comment or praise for an article is an opportunity to get your name in front of people. Writing articles for magazines can also garner new readers and let them know about your expertise. You may even get paid for articles! These can also be recycled into e-zine articles and later used on your blog or as a free giveaway to new subscribers to your list.

Edwina – Doll Street Dreamers is dedicated to creativity, offering on-line learning and patterns for making art dolls. www/

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One of the greatest complains I have heard and experienced is the difficulty of driving traffic to one’s blog. If one thinks about it, you are competing against millions of other blogs, bloggers, websites and forums, all vying for your readers. Sounds hopeless? It’s not. Here are three things that will set you above the rest and help draw in traffic to your blog.  

Make Sure Your Content Is Green

Many bloggers believe that just writing about the important topics of today is what will attract traffic in days, months and years to come. Depending upon what you write, this may be true. However, to be honest, the longevity of an article truly depends upon being “green.” In other words, the topics your cover in your blogs/posts cannot become passé in a short period of time, nor loose its “freshness” in six to twelve months from now. Your writing needs to be relevant to the here and now but also to your future readers who come to your blog in six to twelve months from now. The best way to see if your writing is still “fresh” is to read it as if this was the first time you had ever seen the blog/post. If it reads “fresh” and relevant, then your blog is considered green.

Be a Social Butterfly

I have just recently come in my own when it comes to social media. Trust me, I am not the go-to person for everything Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. I have just barely scratched the surface. But what I have come to respect is that these social media mavens are power houses when it comes to readership. So if you want to offer readers a chance to taste some of your great content, then get to know these belles of society. Truly, the more you learn to navigate between these sites, the more you will find that they will offer you a plethora of audience members lining up to read your new content.

Talk It Up

No one likes a bragger, but no ones likes to bite the dust either. In order to get those readership and traffic numbers sky high is to talk up your blog. Go to different niche sites and join in on the bandwagon and talk, talk, talk yourself blue about what you have to offer. No one is going to do it for you. And besides, you are your best cheerleader anyway! The idea is to be authentic without being pushy. And while you are on these niche sites, why not be a great reader and a great commenter, too.  Not only will you show site visitors that you are intelligent, witty and bright, but also that you aren’t there just for links or other spammy reason. Talking it up about your site, and other sites, too will go the distance with regard to traffic. Because  there are a host of thoughtful readers who want to succeed as much as you do. 

Best of luck and let your blog shine, shine, shine.

Deborah L Melian is writer/editor on Dial M for Moms ( Dial M for Moms is an online resource for and about moms and includes such topics as family & parenting, home & garden, interior design & DIY projects, recipes, family travel and finance, and more. It is your go-to for sage advice and helpful tips. Have you dialed your mom today?

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There you go… these are submissions from the invitation I put out on the last blog post.  Be sure to check out their blogs, and let me know what you think about this ‘reader idea” technique.  I think I like it. You get more good ideas, and those who submit get a link on this blog. Sounds like a win/win. What do you think?


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