Done correctly, advertising on a new blog can add credibility and an image of being established.  Too many ads are annoying and junk up your website.  Some people believe all advertising is a nuisance and turns people off. Wrong.  Quality advertising sends the implied message that those advertisers approve of your blog. Quality advertising implies: “I know what I’m doing, I’m experienced.”

On the other hand, sloppy advertising or over-advertising sends lots of negative vibes.  Your blog will look messy.  The quality of your blog will be reflected in the low-quality advertisers.  People will ignore your advertising and then get sick of looking at all the advertising (or waiting for the page to load) and dump your blog altogether. 

As you choose advertising for your blog, think: “classy,” “high quality,” and “value to my readers.”   A new blog should be ready to advertise for FREE (or advertise affiliate and pay-per-click) until you build enough traffic to merit charging for ads.   There is nothing wrong – and everything right – about good advertising on your blog. When you present valuable and credible products and services to your readers, it builds trust between you and them.

Now that we’ve established that advertisements can benefit your blog and your readers, let’s look at some ways you can attract advertisers to your website:

  1. Welcome advertisers on your home page.  Have a graphically appealing banner prominently displayed near the top of your home page with the words: Advertise Here.  Link to a page with more information and your contact details.
  2. Be careful with Google AdSense.  Even though it’s tempting and people do generate income from it, Google AdSense can possibly junk up your website and devalue your online business.  It can even show competitor ads, sending people away from you to your competition. Since Google provides limited control over which ads appear on YOUR website, you should be cautious when using it.  
  3. Only allow ads that are specific to your target market.  If you are blogging about sewing, don’t allow ads for golf clubs or dog shampoo.  They won’t generate income and it looks weird.
  4. Provide site statistics for potential advertisers.  Total # of Impressions and Monthly Unique Visitors are the most important statistics to share.  Alexa rank is another good option.
  5. Carefully put together your “About Us” section.  Let people know why you are an expert in your market and why people should be interested in what you have to say.  Be very clear in who you are and what your blog is about.
  6. Put up some of your own or partner advertisements to show potential advertisers which spaces are available and what the sizes of advertisements are.
  7. Avoid off-topic rants and reviews.  Show advertisers that you are a professional by sticking to your topic.    If your content is all over the place, prospects will not be able to evaluate if advertising their product with you is a good fit.  
  8. Be able to provide demographic information for your audience.  If you don’t know the gender, average age, geographic location, number of kids, etc., of your typical readership, ask them by using some surveys or polls.
  9. Offer some free ads to get people started.  If you can show an advertiser that they will get some results by advertising on your site, you are much more likely to get them to pay for future advertising (and for competitors to see that your site is worthy of their attention as well). 

This is so important that I’m going to repeat it:  

There is nothing wrong – and everything right – about good advertising on your blog. When you present valuable and credible products and services to your readers, it builds trust between you and them.  

Take some time and examine the high-income and most-helpful websites that have the target audience you are trying to reach – who are they advertising and what do those advertisements look like?  We can learn a lot from our competition, especially when it comes to using advertising wisely.  What are your questions about advertising?

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