Building your email subscriber list is PRIORITY ONE for a successful blog. If you want to bring a lot of high-quality visitors to your blog, quickly, then you need to pay very close attention to these two words:  Guest Blogging

We’ve all read guest posts, hopefully learned something from them, and have probably gone back to the Guest Blogger’s website and signed up for their email-subscriber list.  Your own experience reading other blogs probably proves my point clearly without me having to convince you. 

Guest blogging is the quickest way to introduce your blog to the world – but being able to guest post is not always easy.  If you are just starting out with your online business (or have an established blog but have not yet tried Guest Blogging), here are some actions steps you can take to put yourself in a position to have your Guest Blog posts published:

  1. What are the popular blogs for your target audience?  Go examine them.  In addition to reading the posts, check out the comments.  Look to see which articles are Tweeted the most.  Make a list of the most-popular topics featured on that blog.  Use that list as your research base for deciding what you are going to write about when you Guest Blog.   What interests you is not always what interests your target audience.
  2. Take time to leave thoughtful comments on other blogs.  Provide valuable information and ideas.  You want the bloggers to notice you.  Be impressive.  Someone might invite you to do a guest post.  Most people are not aware that popular bloggers really do spent a lot of time reading comments and they will notice you if you stand out from the crowd.  
  3. If nobody extends an invitation, contact the bloggers you have been targeting and ask them if you can guest post.  If they decline, cross them off your list and move on.  Sometimes bloggers won’t respond to your comments but they will highlight your comment, or somehow share it with their audience; if this happens, take the opportunity to thank them and offer to do a guest post.  Whenever you communicate with a popular blogger, keep your correspondence short and to the point.  Most well-known bloggers are terrifically busy.
  4.  When you do get asked to Guest Blog, make sure you take advantage of the opportunity to insert a well-crafted signature by-line letting everyone know where to find you. 
  5. When you do get a Guest Blogging invitation, make sure you are timely, deliver what you promise, and make the process as convenient and easy for the blog owner as possible. If you make your guest posting event a hassle (time-consuming or poor content) then don’t expect to be invited back AND don’t be surprised when the word spreads that you should be avoided as a guest.

All of the above items are for bloggers that have well-written valuable content on their blogs, and are prepared to provide top-quality material as guest posts.  You are never (at least on a popular blog) going to be offered guest-blogging spots if your guest posts are simply advertisements for your own blog or your own products,  or filled with affiliate links or some other gimmicky information.  QUALITY is the key word here – if your post is immensely valuable to the other blog’s readers, they WILL come to your blog and see what else you can offer them.  You have to keep foremost in mind that your content must benefit THEIR readers, and as a secondary benefit, you get some exposure to their audience. If you have the mindset of “here’s my chance to steal their audience,” you’ll find your Guest-Blogging opportunities will disappear. Every potential guest blogger is Googled by the blog owner, and they will quickly see what kind of guest post you deliver.

Sometimes all it takes is one solid guest post for you to get noticed and start the flywheel turning and gathering momentum.

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