Hey Linky Tools Blog friends,

I have a way for you to get a LOT of people seeing you and your blog….

As you’ve probably guessed by the infrequency of my posting, I’m so busying providing support for Linky Tools and building new tools, that I’m neglecting the blog. I don’t like that. It’s a wasted opportunity for us both. Linky Tools exists to help bloggers, and the Linky Tools Blog exists to extend that source of help and community to all.

I’m still going to be writing plenty of posts myself but I need to get more content up on a regular basis. I want our entire blog community to have a great blog where you can come to ask questions, get great tips and tricks, find out how to build your blog traffic, and improve your overall blog experience.   Given that…

I know that you folks have great blogs, know great tricks,
and have great ideas and experience that you can share.

I have lots of readers and need more blog content.
You have time  to blog but need more readers.

We’re a perfect match!

I want you to write a GUEST BLOG POST… that’s a blog post that will appear on the Linky Tools Blog with YOU listed as author, and telling people who you are.

If you will write a guest blog post, I’ll let you include a closing paragraph (or 2 or 3) plugging your blog, encouraging people to come visit you, and telling more about who you are and what you do. Here’s the conditions:

  1. Your guest post is truly written for the general benefit of others, and not just a veiled or obvious advertising/promotion for you or your blog.
  2. Your blog post may be edited by me at my discretion
  3. I will accept or reject guest posts solely at my discretion… I make no promises of accepting a guest post just because it was submitted and don’t have to explain myself or justify my decision
  4. I can reject a post for any reason at any time (trust me, there will those will use this opportunity to submit all sorts of nonsense).
  5. IMPORTANT: your content must be ORIGINAL and previously unpublished. Duplicate content is penalized by search engines.

    • If I post something of yours that you’ve already posted, Linky Tools is penalized.
    • Every submitted post will be Googled and the post will be rejected if found substantially similar on another blog.
    • You can significantly RE-WRITE something you’ve already published and submit it
    • You can post the content you write on your blog 30 DAYS after Linky Tools posts it, if you significantly rewrite it (if you post a duplicate, your blog is penalized by search engines)
  6. The last paragraph (or 2 or 3) of your post can be “About the Author:” and can directly promote your and your blog.

#1 Need for Most Blogs: NEW READERS & TRAFFIC

The number one problem for blogs (especially with competition from hundreds of millions of blogs) is getting new readers. Here is your chance to be read by tens of thousands of people specifically interesting in all things “blogging”.  Here is a list of topics off the top of my head but you can email me and suggest any topic:

  • Improve your blog
  • Build traffic
  • Make money from your blog
  • How to write better
  • How to get new readers
  • How to promote your blog
  • Successful blog events
  • How to choose a topic
  • How to brainstorm a new post
  • Digital photography
  • Professional blogging
  • Mom blogging
  • Hobby blogging
  • Group blogging
  • Blog marketing
  • Blog promotion
  • Widgets
  • Software
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Ways to use Linky Tools
  • Blogs about specific topics: crafts, cooking, online business, families, whatever…

ANY TOPIC, EXPERIENCE, TRICK, SUGGESTION, IDEA OR ADVICE that will help a blog be more successful, fun, happy, creative, understandable, etc., etc., etc., etc… ANYTHING YOU THINK OTHER BLOGGERS WILL FIND INTERESTING…

If you are a blogger I’ll assume that you aren’t scared of writing. If you are insecure in the quality of your writing, don’t worry, I’ll edit when necessary. I may also at my discretion:

  • Include my own comments and opinion
  • Edit, revise or delete portions of the post

But in all cases, YOU will get credit for the post, and you WILL get your “About the Author:” at the end so that you get the advertising and marketing that your effort deserves.

The Result?

More great blog posts… more readers find me, more readers find you. More great blog posts, more and more readers find us all. See how it works?  I need help with posts, you need traffic. Together we can turn Linky Tools into one of the best blogging sites on the Internet.

You’ll be listed as a regular contributor after three accepted guest posts in a 6 month period. I’ll have a “I was published on Linky Tools” badge for those who want to put that on their blog. Those types of accolades give you credibility as a writer and blogger. ***** I plan to include regular contributors in my ad system as well. This system delivers several million ad views a week.  I’m going to wait and see how this pans out before throwing out exact details about the ad system for contributors.

Interested? Guest posts slots will fill up FAST (subject to my acceptance of your content).  Don’t dismiss any topic or idea about a guest post… ask me.

P.S. & FYI… in case you think I’m just trying to get something free from people, it is a commonly known fact that one of the single best ways to grow your blog is to guest post on bigger blogs. In fact, that competition is usually pretty fierce to get accepted as a guest blogger, and have your name and links put in front of their audience. So this is an opportunity that I freely admit helps me, but I trust you’ll realize is very beneficial to you as well.

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