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Below is an UNSOLICITED guest post from Melinda Fargo. She wrote it in response to some customer service I provided her one fine day. If you have a blog, you have to have customer service. People will have questions, make suggestions and need clarification. You’ll get inquiries about things YOU think are so simple and obvious but people need help with it. If you respond quickly, personally and friendly, you’ll endear people to you personally which in turn fosters loyalty and word of mouth promotion of your blog.

Don’t underestimate the powerful marketing influence that good customer service has. Take care of your blog visitors no matter what kind of blog you have, or how “casual” your blog is. If you don’t care about responding to your visitors, trust me, they’ll find another blog that will.  Be sure to check out Mel’s blog… it’s a hoot.  You’ll love it.

Here is the post from “Her Melness” – Melinda Fargo:

What Good Customer Service Looks Like

Like bolts of lightening, I have been struck a few memorable times in my life by good customer service when I thought it was nigh-on impossible to talk me down from the ceiling because I was SO VERY ANGRY.

Me. Irate. I know. Hard to believe. But there you are.

Having spent most of my life in customer service, I am sensitive to the subject and it is, necessarily, one of my pet areas. As a regular visitor to HerMelness Speaks…Out, you will know that, in my regular Make It Stop! Friday series, I recently waxed lyrical on Bad Customer Service.

Today though, I am equally struck by the great customer service I received from Brent Riggs of Linky

I sent a rather abrupt missive as to why my account was not working and asked for a speedy resolution. This was the message I got back.

Your Majesty, 🙂

Thy account is updatedeth.

I am your humble servant, My Lady.

Lord Brenteth

I burst out laughing completely forgetting how annoyed I was that a tool I needed was not available. In that instance I became a fan for life. Why?

  1. The response was speedy. When you suspect a tool has failed not just you, but perhaps thousands of others, you wonder how quick the response will be after you hit the send button.
  2. Quick responses for technical support issues tend to be automatically generated. This was a personal response to a real person from a real person.
  3. The response was humorous – for retailers who are, or need to be, funny bone deficient for whatever reason – read genuine. Genuine is good.
  4. The retailer had taken the time to understand my particular moniker. For that, read an understanding of the customer.
  5. The response was pitched to that moniker and customer in perfect tone of voice.
  6. Almost as bad as a rude response from a retailer, can be the fawning and obsequious response which is often meant to pass for sincerity. This was quirkily sincere but, more than that, it was a ‘real’ response.

In short, it was a response which left me feeling valued and heard and, therefore, this customer service episode was memorable and … priceless.

I want you to know: this post was written voluntarily and was not solicited.

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