Even if you don’t use Linky Tools (yet), read this post. You’ll discover a great way to build traffic for your blog whether you are a brand new blogger, or experienced. A Linky Tools user wrote and ask me something like this:

I’m a new blogger… how to do I get people to visit my blog or enter my Linky lists? It’s looks kind of lame not having any entries in my lists.

Building Traffic

First, there’s no “magic” about having a blog. The days of “if you build it, they will come” are LONG gone. You are competing with millions of bloggers. That’s the bad news. The good news, is that with consistency and perseverance you’ll out-last and out-perform 99% of other bloggers. Most people are quitters. That’s an established fact of human experience especially in today’s “I want it fast and easy or not at all” culture. And bloggers are people… so you do the math.

Which are you? The 1% disciplined, persevering exception to the rule? Or the 99% mass of lazy quitters? Only you can decide.

Putting aside all the hype you’ll find out there about building traffic, the truth is simple (like most truths in life) on how to get new readers and build interest in your blog is this:

  1. Write interesting, original and consistent content.  Notice I didn’t say “good” or “well written”. A mediocre or bad writer that still produces interesting or entertaining content, will succeed in the blog world over a great writer who is inconsistent, boring or self aggrandizing.
  2. Visit other blogs, leave comments, introduce yourself, get to know them, participate in their events or conversations. As you invest time and energy in other blogs, most will reciprocate and invest in yours. Blogging has become much like traditional business: build relationships, loyalty and goodwill with other bloggers.
  3. Enter your links in other people’s linky lists and blog hops. This will bring people to your blog. Again, it’s not magic. Don’t enter links into other linky lists and expect your traffic to skyrocket. Consistently participate in other events, meme’s, carnivals and lists on other blogs, and over time you’ll see it pay off as people (and search engines) find YOUR blog from those lists.
Content, relationships, links… that’s the only real “magic” to a successful blog.

A Trick for Giving and Getting Links

What about the “lame” Linky Tools list that has no (or few) entries? Well I’m about to share an insider trick with you, one I’ve used plenty of times: ENTER LINKS YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN LIST.

By doing so you 1) create a useful list; 2) your list doesn’t look empty and un-participated in; 3) you give the impression of reader traffic and interest and 4) you draw people to your blog who find out via search engines or monitoring that a link to THEIR blog is on your blog.

But, isn’t that deceitful?

Hardly. Whether traditional business, websites or blogs, it is routine and necessary to do whatever we can to make us look like we’ve been around more than two days. Why? People don’t trust the “new guy”. There is no established history. People don’t want to be the “guinea pig” for a new business, opportunity or blog. So in business we do all sorts of things to create the appearance or impression of establishment, popularity and longevity. Business run sales, or buy marketing lists… they create commercials or advertising that give the assumption “we’ve been doing this for years”.  The create business cards, websites and customer service that give the impression of experience and “we know what we are doing”. They don’t untruthfully declare they were founded 25 years ago, businesses (and now blogs) just do whatever it takes to give the impression “we know what we are doing, we are just as good as those who have been around longer than us”.

No different with blogging. You build a blog using established design techniques and products to make it look like you know what you are doing (ie. you are not “brand new” at this). You might even buy services that claim to bring you traffic or raise your search engine rankings (all gimmicks! beware…). You write posts as if you’ve been writing them for a long time.

The Impression of Being Established

Entering links into your own linky lists is part of good marketing, goodwill to other bloggers, establishing yourself, and yes, giving the appearance of participation and longevity. For example… let’s say you just created your new blog about cooking. To kick things off, you are going to do a blog post and a Linky Tools list about “my best lasagna recipe”. So you write the post, set up your linky list, and… oops… no one flocks to your blog to enter. Big surprise. So, it’s time to go to work building your blog and new traffic.

Entering links to your own linky list jump starts “participation” and creates community, a network of links and new relationships. Here’s how:

  • Go find other blogs about cooking, and even more specifically about good lasagna recipes.
  • Enter their blog post on your Linky Tools list.
  • Then go to their blog post and leave them a comment: “Hey, I found your great recipe for lasagna, and I put it in my linky list on my blog post (link here). I know my readers will be glad to discover your blog and I hope you’ll come by and meet me on mine. By the way, I’d love to do a blog hop for other great recipes with you…”

Now you’ve:

  • Given the other blogger a link to their blog from your blog;
  • You’ve introduced yourself to another blogger of similar interests;
  • And you’ve presented an idea to them which can help you both.

See what I mean? You can load up your own linky lists all day long like this and it is truly a benefit to both your blog, and the blogs you link to. You create traffic for all involved; you create that impression of participation and establishment for yourself…  and you build your blog community in the process.

Load up your own lists! A simple idea most people never think about.  There’s a truckload of testimonials at  Linky Tools from people talking about how much  Linky Tools  has benefited their blog and brought them unexpected traffic and new visitors. You can get the same for your blog.

What are your blogging questions for me?

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