I often have people tell me “I just can’t find the time to blog more often”. Okay, then don’t. But don’t be surprised… ready for this… that you won’t be a successful blogger if you don’t blog.

Except for the very rare exception, I call B.S. on anyone who says that to me anyway. Why? Because 99.9% of folks have some amount of passive electronic time during the day, usually hours of it. Some justify it as “relaxing” or “winding down”. Whatever.  Do yourself a favor and just admit its easier to sit and watch a movie or surf Facebook than to do the hard work of writing something that will help build your blog and bless others.

Lots of Ways to Find Time

Over the years, I’ve observed several common ways people can “find time”:

  • Get up earlier – the art of early rising is a lost art now where it used to be a hallmark of the successful
  • Turn off the [electronic item here]
  • Use voice dictation to jot down blog post ideas and notes while driving or out and about
  • Give up something else of lower importance
  • Write MORE so that you get faster. Writing is like athletics… you get faster and more productive with experience and routine practice. I know this by personal experience. I can write a post like the one you are reading in  10-15 minutes while an inexperienced writer might struggle for  hours or even a couple of days on it.
  • Learn to jot down quick outlines that are easy to flesh out later. For example, I might have quickly outlined this post for later with something like the following; doing this makes it easy to simply fill in the details when have time:
    • Can’t Find Time
    • Screen time is the biggest problem
    • List ways to find more time
    • Priorities

In the end, it boils down to how serious and committed you are. It’s about priorities and discipline. We all have the same amount of time. You cannot sincerely say “I can’t find time” unless your schedule is completely full of activity (including rest and disconnecting) that is truly higher priority. But again, I don’t find one person in a thousand that can say that.

Whether it’s blogging or something else you wish you did more consistently, there is typically a common culprit. I find that almost without exception, “I can’t find time” is due to one of these:  laziness, poor productivity, inexperience, wasted time or misplaced priorities.

You just have to be honest enough to admit it, brave enough to recognize it, and disciplined enough to change it.

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