For most bloggers, the biggest challenge is finding ways to get people to visit their blog. Site traffic plays a crucial role in blogging, mainly because it’s a quantifiable measure of success.  This number allows bloggers to track the performance of their blog on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. As such, traffic generation remains a key challenge for most bloggers.

Most successful bloggers use a combination of different techniques to drive traffic into their websites.  One key method for traffic generation is to use social-networking websites and forums.

The popularity of free social-networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter has definitely allowed bloggers to expand their reach in the World Wide Web. Not only is membership in social-networking sites free of charge, it is also very strategic to establish your presence in different social-networking platforms. Forums, on the other hand, have also allowed bloggers to connect with like-minded people and interact with them on a daily basis. Both options are beneficial ways to build meaningful relationships with active internet users.

The micro-blogging nature of Twitter has made it a very popular social-networking website. Most successful bloggers have increased the traffic to their blogs by creating Twitter accounts. The 140-character limit results in tweets that are simple and to the point – as such it allows you to share snippets of your blog posts, facilitate mini-promotions, or simply voice out whatever interesting thought you had in mind. With over 500 million subscribers, Twitter is an excellent way to find potential readers and subscribers whose interests are aligned with yours.

Some bloggers open their Facebook profiles to the public; however, if you’re not one to share your personal Facebook account with the entire Facebook population, you may instead opt to create a Facebook fan page just for your blog. It’s one of the most successful methods for you to capture interest for your blog and to generate more traffic.

Forums can also be tapped to drive traffic to your site. The trick is to look for active conversations on the Internet. Since there are numerous forums in the Internet ranging from topics on gaming, technology, science, food, health, and all different interests, it’s really easy to join an ongoing discussion on a topic that is relevant to your blog theme. You can spark interest in your blog using a strategy called “link baiting.” That means deliberately leaving links to your previous blog posts on your comments and replies.  Make sure though that you are positively participating in the forums, offering those users good information and thoughtful comments – not just dropping a link to your website in hopes of getting some new readers.

Making good use of your personal internet signature is also a clever way to promote your blog site. Many social activities in the Internet make use of signatures. E-mails and forums are the usual platforms by which these are utilized. It’s important to make your signature unique and aesthetically appealing. Take time to include details that will capture people’s interest and lead them to your blog.  When you interact with users, they will easily have all the information needed to contact you or visit your blog.

As you contemplate new ways to bring traffic to your blog, make sure you are making use of social-networking platforms to interact with potential readers.

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