How do you make your blog posts more interesting? The best way is just to be an incredible writer who comes up with riveting material any time you want.  Now that we’ve discussed those people, let’s move on to the rest of us.

Be Definitive & Concise

Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Words and more words, on and on. Most bloggers ramble and rabbit trail and chatter. Get to the point. You are asking people to give you a slice of their life in exchange for your words. Get to point. Think “twitter writing”… in other words, cut down the number of words and make your writing lean and mean.

Solve a Problem

What can be more interesting to someone than a real solution to real problem they have? Find out what problems, concerns or questions your readers have and answer them. Provide realistic and useful solutions to common problems and watch your audience mushroom.

Take a Stand

In our age of wishy-washy, ethically challenged and politically correct spinelessness very few people will actually take a stand on issues or controversial topics.  Those that do take a reasonable and well-articulated stand attract followers. People like courageous leaders but of course that comes with a price: you’ll make some enemies. So taking a stand isn’t for the thin-skinned or faint of heart but it makes for much more interesting content.

Mystery – Leave’em Wanting

Whether its food, a concert, a preacher or a story, you want to leave people wanting MORE, not hoping they can avoid you next time. Learn to write with words, length and passion that leaves your readers anxious with expectation to hear from you again. Too many writers want to exhaustively explain things, belabor their point lest they miss something or simply force-feed the reader so much they feel like they can’t take any more. Learn to leave them wanting more from you.  I could go on and on about this point, but I won’t. 🙂

Shock or Surprise

It’s hard to come up with stuff that is truly (and not gratuitously) shocking or surprising but when you do, you’re sure to create a real buzz. “You gotta read this…” is the holy grail of blogging.  Careful though… if it looks like you are manufacturing surprise or trying to hard to shock, you’ll turn people off. It has to be genuine and original but if you can pull it off, it can even go viral and put you on the map pretty fast.

Engage Emotions

People are emotional. Emotions touch the real “us” and the deeper you can tap in to emotion, the more interesting your writing will be. Think about primary emotions (pain, love, sadness, guilt, joy, disappointment, hope, expectation, etc.) and learn to write posts that engage an emotion or two. It’s rare that a blog post can seriously attach itself to more than one or two simply because of length. If you jump around from emotion to emotion you only lightly fuel each one.  Write posts that start with a primary emotion and cultivate it from start to finish.

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