A reader asked me yesterday how they could get people to start coming to their blog. Their blog was less than a week old. Here are some suggestions I gave:

To build traffic, here’s some good things to do:

  1. Visit other blogs. Leave comments and tactfully mention your own blog. Don’t blatantly promote yourself in comments on other blogs. If you can’t leave a relevant, interesting comment that benefits THEIR blog, don’t do it. But if yes, then you can artfully mention or link to your blog in the process.

    Bad:  “Hey, great post. Visit my blog at www.riggsfamilyblog.com “

    Good: “I really enjoyed your post on adoption. You gave me some great ideas that will help me with our own adoption efforts. I’ll be sure to send folks over here to read your blog. Our blog is www.riggsfamilyblog.com if you have time to drop by and say hi.”

  2. Participate in existing blog hops on already established blogs. Try to get up high on the list and usually you’ll get more traffic.
  3. Mention and link to other established blogs. That helps send them traffic but also will help to get you found by new readers by piggybacking appropriately on the popularity of the other blog.
  4. Mention your blog whenever you can: in emails, in comments, on websites, wherever you leave your name or contact information
  5. If you have a particular passion, interest or expertise, contact already established blogs and offer to write a guest post, answer questions, make a guest appearance or in some way help them on their blog in exchange for an appropriate link and mention back to your blog.

There are gagillions of blogs now. Traffic doesn’t magically come to you unless you are unusually creative or spectacularly interesting and original… even then it will start slow, it will just build up quicker. For the average blogger, if you aren’t willing to work hard and consistently on your blog for about 3-4 years, you should be satisfied with a few dozen readers at best.  Three years or so  is now the average time it takes to really build some loyalty for a blog, mostly through attrition, ie. Other bloggers give up and quit.

Blogging is a highly competitive world now.

What are your questions about building traffic for your blog?

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