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Automatic music – I’ve commented on it sometimes on blogs but was often told “you can turn it off if you want” – well yes but I shouldn’t have to – I should have the choice to turn it off – or “sorry you don’t like my choice of music” – it is not a matter of whether I like the music or not.
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I don’t like music automatically turned on either. Not because of the song choice, but because the music player is typical buried way down low in some obscure location and I have to find it, and turn it off every time I visit that blog.

My OPINION: put your music player at the top, and INVITE people to listen and enjoy your selections. If you choose turn the music on automatically, at least put the OFF button up high in an immediately discernible location and make it CONVENIENT for people to turn off.

That is just good manners and being courteous to your readers.

But… it’s YOUR blog. There is no “right or wrong”, just opinion.

I don’t let CRITICS dictate what I do on my blogs, but I also DO NOT turn a deaf ear to legitimate criticism or common sense standards that help you give the best experience to your blog visitors. After all, should we embrace a personal choice that alienates people? Sometimes, yes, depending on the issue (if it’s a matter of integrity). But as a rule, we should very thoughtfully consider what we choose to do with our blog in light of the “visitor experience”.

Automatically playing music can keep readers AT WORK from visiting (but they shouldn’t anyway, right? However, statistics show that work day visits to blogs are by far the highest percentage in general), it can hinder visitors with slow Internet connections, and it can put off readers who just simply get tired of all the blogs that start with music every time they visit.

Do whatever YOU want for YOUR blog, but at least make it easy and convenient to turn off the music for those who don’t prefer it.

Final Advice

Put your music player at the top and INVITE people to listen to your favorite selections. Or, if you want to start the music automatically, put the OFF BUTTON at the top so it can be immediately accessed. Readers who do not LIKE automatic music will recognize your courteous gesture.

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