Sometimes we need a boost RIGHT NOW to keep us motivated about blogging. A “quick win” is something every blogger can do immediately to experience a positive achievement right now, today. This “quick win” was motivated by a reader question:

“What is a good way to come up with blog content ideas when I’m out of stuff to say?” 

First, from my experience, I tell bloggers they should spend as much or more time reading other blogs than they do writing for their own.  Why?  Reading is a great way to identify what people are interested in, what information they missed that you can provide, and for you to develop your own writing skills by evaluating other writer’s styles.  You also stand to learn a lot.   By reading other blogs, watching the response and popularity, you can get a feel for what is catching attention and grabbing readers. Reading other blogs is also a brain and creativity workout. The more you exercise your reading and writing muscles, the better you get – that’s a promise.

As you are reading posts, focus on your response. What would you say to the writer if you were having a conversation with them instead of reading a post. This internal conversation is a great way to come up with content for your own blog.  

  • What do I agree with?
  • What did I disagree with?
  • What would I have written differently?
  • What did they leave out?
  • What did they include that I would’ve deleted?
  • What is my opinion about their content?

You can either use the other blog post as a springboard for your own original content, or use links to or excerpts from the original article (make sure you give credit to the other blogger where it is due).  If your blog post impresses the other blogger, this would be a way to establish a mutually beneficial relationship.  It may be that your commentary is not flattering; but that’s okay, that’s part of blogging.

You should also look for posts on “trending topics” that have sparked interest and figure out what the main idea in the post is . . . then write up your own take on it.  Oftentimes you can tell the popularity of an article by seeing how many comments, re-tweets, or Facebook Shares the article has.  After you have written your article, make sure to link it to and Tweet it to the original author (to see if you can spark a debate and increase interest in your blog) and to others that might also be following the topic. 

Quick Win

So here is your quick win for today: go to a favorite blog that’s related in some way to your blog topic. Pick out a recent post that really caught your attention. Ask the questions above. Write a blog post based on your answers and thoughts.

What are your questions for me?

That’s my favorite part of  what I do:  answering questions and teaching people what I’ve experienced over 15 years of blogging. Feel free to email me or leave a comment with your question.  

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