Getting someone to visit your blog is only an opportunity. Getting them to come back is the real goal.

There are lot of tricks, gimmicks, techniques and services that will get a set of eyeballs on your blog one time. You might even get lucky and have something go viral resulting in a gagillion people seeing your blog for the first time. But if you can’t get them to come back, if you can’t grab their attention, if you can’t get their permission to contact them again, you have little more than a daily stat you can brag about.

Are you ready for each and every new viewer that happens by? Are you ready for a thousand new people tomorrow? Will they glance at your blog or read that one popular “nugget” then never return?

You are facing a Mount Everest of blogging competition. What about your blog will grab a first time viewer and convince them to invest their future time with you? Can you answer that question? Does your blog speak to new viewers when they visit?

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