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I recently received the following questions from a reader with a fairly new blog (6 months old, about 80 subscribers, not yet income-generating):

How important is online back-up for small bloggers?  Which companies do you recommend for online back-up?

The answers to these questions are something that all bloggers need to think about.

My answer: 

Consider how much time, aggravation, and money it would cost you if you lost everything on your blog tomorrow. Would it be worth paying a back-up service $5/month? $15?  $25?  Only you can decide.

For a small blog, posting once a week or less: you can manually back up your database every time you post; no big deal, just a couple of clicks… and you can download a copy of your blog files every time you make a template or page change.  There are some great free plugins for this. Just search “backup”  from your plugins page inside your WordPress admin area. 

For a big blog that is constantly changing, produces lots of posts, and has significant traffic:   it is definitely worth it to spend $20-$30/month to make sure your blog is perpetually backed up.  Or, if you just simply want a “set it and forget” solution for the sake of convenience, then a paid service is definitely worth the expense.

Who do I use?

While I’m sure there are lots of other good services out there, I use Code Guard and I’m very happy with them.  They back up my database and files and have already saved my butt a couple of times when a bad plugin or a one-time hacker took my blog down.

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Good service, convenience, and reliability can come with a price. A lot of bloggers don’t want to invest in their success or safety online, and have to learn the hard way that BACKING UP is a necessity. It’s not a question of IF you will need a backup, but WHEN and HOW OFTEN.

Don’t wait until you lose weeks or months worth of work to learn this valuable lesson.

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