There are times when you don’t want to read a bunch of stuff, you just need some quick and easy-to-understand instructions on how to improve things. Well, this is one of those posts.

Here are six “quick wins” you can do right now to improve your blog, guaranteed:

  1. Clean up your widget column; no one is going to look at 1,000 widgets.  Be selective and put only a few so people will actually view them.  Yes, you’ll have to leave something or someone out, but having a long column of them is a guarantee NONE of them stand out as important or worth stopping to look at.
  2. Make sure the logo in your header is linked to your home page.  This is common and many people will expect to be able to click your logo to go “home.”
  3. Write a post and ask your readers for advice, ideas, and opinions.  This not only gives you a great source of new content, it makes your audience feel like you listen to them and include them.
  4. Go research a new affiliate opportunity.  Find one that you can honestly and whole-heartedly recommend, and that will be helpful to your readers. You might make some money and help your audience as well.
  5. Review your goals list and see where you need to focus your time/effort.  Don’t have a goals list?  Make one now.  Better yet, do my “top three” method. Every day, write down the top three things you must do and make sure you do those first. Then every day will feel like a success.
  6. Ask a successful blogger to give you an objective opinion about your blog design and content. 

There you go… quick, easy, and highly useful. Questions? I’m here to answer them….


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