I am asked frequently what is the best way to create documents for mass distribution, such as an eBook, a report, a lesson, etc.

That’s easy… PDF.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the universal standard for sharing public documents. It is read by the free and easily installed Adobe Reader. http://get.adobe.com/reader/

There are many choices in software to create PDF’s. Adobes’s professional software is Adobe Acrobat, but it’s not cheap, and probably is way more than what you need.

The easiest type of PDF creator, installs a “PDF printer” on your computer. In other words, you just go to “PRINT” your document inside of whatever software you are using to create the document, and you’ll see “PDF” as one of the choices. Very simple. A file is saved in PDF format and then that file can be read by anyone with a PDF reader.

The great thing about a PDF, is that it perfectly preserves all your formatting, spacing, layout and design, no matter what software you used to create it. The person reading your PDF does not have to have the software or fonts you have on your computer. All the necessary information is saved in the PDF file.

There are lots of choices for PDF creation software, from FREE, to online, to purchasable software. Here’s a quick list of choices, but not even close to everything available:


What’s your questions about PDFs? For living examples, check out any of the PDF downloads on my own books, here…

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