The secret to a great blog? Content.

Oh man… sorry. I know you were hoping for some nifty trick, an easy tip, a no-effort technique or some earth shattering revelation that would finally (and instantly) make you a great blogger. Haven’t you figured out those things DON’T EXIST?

Content, content, content. I’ve said this a thousand times, and I’ll say ten thousand more. Why? Because this is the essence of a great blog and minus great content, you have NOTHING.

You can link, you can comment, you can do advertising, you can spam, you can buy traffic… and all you will get is little temporary spikes in your blog activity but nothing LONG TERM and nothing LOYAL.

This is a point I will hammer on routinely from every angle imaginable. It is the HARDEST part of blogging, and the reason why 98%+ of all blogs fail and wilt away.

No amount of gimmicks, wishing or preparation (alot of people “prepare” endlessly but never “do”) can replace that number one, top priority, first in line, head of the class, king of the mountain, top of the pile SECRET to a successful blog: fresh, great, consistent CONTENT.

And what is content? Writing. Throw in some photos and video but primarily writing for the overwhelming majority of blogs. Some people try to shortcut the effort by tossing up a lot of photos, but even then, if you don’t have some purpose, some vision, some captions, and some good photography, photos are only going to take you so far.

Why is “content” a SECRET? It shouldn’t be. But given the amount of blogs that fail due to a lack of great content, it MUST be a secret.

Content, content, content… if anything else about blogging distracts you from content, change it. Nothing is more important (and with recent Google search and ranking methods changing, content is now even MORE important).

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