I’m often asked for tips on how to come up with quality blog content.  Here’s a good one:  Write a post in response to someone else’s blog post. 


You just finished reading a blog post that belongs to somebody else; could someone you read regularly or something that just happened across your path. Your mind is spinning with feedback, commentary, and opinion.  Maybe they didn’t cover some points you expected, or perhaps you disagree with their conclusions.  Whatever the reason, your head is full of new content that you normally don’t take advantage of.


Write a blog post about that blog post. You can use excerpts from someone else posts – just be professional and link to back to it. And if you write a post that disagrees, be gracious, support your conclusions and don’t make it personal. It may be that your commentary is not flattering; but that’s okay, that’s part of blogging.

Doesn’t have to be a response…

Your post doesn’t have to be a direct response or reference the original if their post simply inspired you to come up with some of your own and it can stand alone. You can often come up with your own content simply by focusing on your thoughts and responses immediately after reading someone else’s content. What do I agree with? What did I disagree with? What would I have wrote differently? What did they leave out? What did they include that I would’ve deleted? What is my opinion about their content? What is a different angle or approach to the topic? How should it be written differently to fit my audience?

Help Yourself

Want to put this into practice right now?  Go find one of my archived (or recent) posts and write your own blog post in response.  Be sure to link back to my post for two reasons: 1) to show professional etiquette to your audience, and 2) because I would genuinely appreciate being linked to your blog.

Let me know about your post, and 1)  I’ll go read your post and write a comment, then 2) if enough people do it, I’ll write a follow up and publish a list of everyone’s posts for my audience to go check out.  

I look forward to reading what you come up with!  

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