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Once in a very great while, I BEG people to read a post and give me a few minutes of their time.

You’ve have subscribed to Linky Blog or are visiting, so I assume you are genuinely interested in the future of it.  

Take the survey here… The link will take you to a survey that will only take you a few minutes to help me determine the future of Linky Blog. 

  • There’s a free gift for everyone who completes the survey…
  • And a “hundred dollar question” that I cannot wait to see your answer to.

Linky Blog has really grown fast, to over 8000 subscribers in just over a year.

This is YOUR blog. Without you, there is no reason for it. So I ABSOLUTELY want your opinion about the future of Linky Blog.

Please, please, please (that’s begging via the keyboard) take a few minutes to do this survey.

I’m ready to work my butt off for you but I want to focus that effort on the stuff YOU want.


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