This was the first question asked when I put out a request for questions about SIX WEEKS AGO.

So let me state clearly what Mistake #1 is: not writing regularly and putting up fresh content. GUILTY!

I will say in my defense, it’s not simple laziness or neglect or not caring. However, I’ve put myself on a strict “once a week” posting schedule for each of my blogs and have made it a priority. Not posting regularly isn’t a “blog killer” but it does significantly kill any momentum you have, and you lose tons of opportunity for growth. Most people aren’t going to tell a friend “hey, check out this great blog. The content is really good but they only post once every three months.” Out of sight, out of mind. There are a million other bloggers out there competing for your readers time. So your content better be interesting and it better come fairly regularly.

Other mistakes:

  • Uninteresting content or content just for contents sake: people won’t spend much time HOPING your blog will get better. They can forgive a yawner occasionally but consistently irrelevant or boring content will run them off faster than Paris Hilton gets out of jail.
  • Clutter: too much junk, widgets, gadgets, links, social this and that, advertisements. Most blogs, especially personal blogs look like Widget God vomited all up and down the sidebars. Only put up the sidebar content you ACTUALLY hope people will look at and find useful.  Toss the myth that the more junk you have on your page, the more cool, connected or knowledgeable you appear about blogging.
  • Blog posts disguised as advertisements: you can do this occasionally but people aren’t stupid. If you are constantly pitching them, they will tire of it.
  • Hard to read designs: if your blog is hard to read because of harsh colors, poor layout, ridiculous amounts or types of fonts, etc then don’t be surprised when you’re blog doesn’t grow. You have to make your blog COMFORTABLE for people to read and navigate.
  • Sitting back waiting for traffic: in blogging “if you build it, they will come” does not apply. You have to go out and market your blog through interaction with other bloggers, commenting on other blogs, advertising, etc. Unless you have remarkable content, word of mouth will only result in slow, if any growth.
  • Superficial content: depending on who you are trying to reach, you can’t just toss up a bunch of superficial content and hope for the best. Superficiality can come from trivial topics or from regurgitating other ideas that have already been put on countless other blogs.  Be fresh, be relevant, be original, be interesting… if you want to see real growth. It’s not easy. If it was, every blogger would be successful.
  • Not having an email list: get people to “sign up” for your blog and be notified when you have fresh content. This could be through an email list, an RSS feed reader or a social gadget like Google Friends. By whatever means, make sure people are connected to you and reminded when you put up new content.

What are your questions? I’ll add them to the list…

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