I’ve been really enjoying your comments and I appreciate your participation so much, I’ve decided to have some fun called Comment Cash.

First, I’m not “buying comments”.  Everyone who knows me even a little bit knows I’m very generous and giving. One way I can express that is to give back to those hang out on my blog and help continues its success (I give away a LOT of stuff; this is just one more thing).  So… here comes Comment Cash:

I’m gonna randomly give away cash prizes to people who leave a  blog post comment that for some undefinable reason grabs my attention. I believe in saying THANK YOU and rewarding my reader friends for investing their time in what I do!

And, you get some added attention when you win because people will want to read your comment.  I’ll announce the cash-getters on  LinkyTools Twitter  so I don’t have to write a blog post just for that.  You’ll love my tweets anyway, so sign up.  Check out the Comment Cash page here… I already announced the first winner.

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