So you’re desperate to start working on your blog, you’ve signed up to WordPress or Blogger and are itching to get going. That’s great – we applaud you – but let’s not jump in head first without thinking about what it is you’re going to be writing on.

Deciding on your blog topic can be exciting, daunting – even terrifying – so it’s important to get it right from the off. After all, you don’t want to be stuck with a blog you find you’re not writing a week later…as ultimately, what’s the point?


You might work as a checkout assistant during the day, but your true love could be a world away from the supermarket. Try making a list of what floats your boat and seeing what you come up with. Once you’ve compiled a list have a mooch around online to see what other blogs there are that cover the same sort of area. Is it thriving? Could you do better? Do you see a gap in the market?

Find Something with Some Mileage

Dedicating a blog to a very small and particular niche is probably not a good move. You’ll ultimately limit yourself and restrict the topics you can write on. Yes, maybe you are really fond of a particular breed of pig, but don’t just stick to writing about one of these curly-tailed creatures else you’ll soon run out of material. Instead, create a blog that talks about all different breeds of pigs and you’ll have plenty to talk about.


When starting a blog it’s always a good idea to decide how much time you’ve got to devote to it. Will it be the case of writing one post per day, a couple per week or just one per week? Also, how long do you plan on keeping your blog going for? Is it purely a personal thing to chart something that’s happening in your life – eg. a pregnancy – or are you hoping to carry it on for the foreseeable future? Maybe you’re unemployed and want to blog about the process of going to job interviews – if that’s the case hopefully at some point you’ll get a job and then what will happen to your blog? It might be best to stick to topics that you’ve felt strongly about or things you’ve had a passion for a long time than opting to write about fleeting life experiences. Life has a habit of changing, you decide on your hobbies and passions – so if you want your blog to last stick to the latter.

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