So you have blog or an online business… quick, tell me what your blog is about? Tell me why it exists. Tell me what your goals are for it. What do you want me to do once I land on your home page?

No, I don’t mean vague generalities or pie-in-the-sky dreams, I mean reality. Can’t do it? Chances are, you might be a clueless blogger making the probability of your success almost nada.

If you don’t know what you are doing, why you are doing it, how you are going to do it, and what results you are hoping for, then how can you ever expect any of it to actually happen? And yet, this cluelessness (in whole or in part) describes most people who start blogging or doing online business.

The good news? There’s a simple (I didn’t say “easy”) way to remedy your clueless fog. Spend the necessary time to develop answers to the following questions that are 1) specific, 2) concise, 3) realistic, and 4) measurable. For example, the first question shouldn’t be answered with “everyone who reads a blog” nor should one of your goals be “to make as much money as possible.”  These answers are too vague, unrealistic, and certainly not measurable. Be real. Be specific and write answers that you can definitively evaluate later on.

  • What is the purpose of your blog or online business?
  • Who is your market? Your readers? Your customers?
  • How can people find out about you and then actually find you?
  • Once they find you, what is it that you want people to do?
  • What does your design “say” to a new visitor?
  • How will the visitor accomplish what you want them to do? Is it easy and clear what their choices are, or what your call to action is?
  • What value do you offer that will 1) get them to do what you want, and 2) get them to return to you repeatedly?
  • How will your blog change your visitor’s life (i.e., improve them, give them something of value, serve them, help them, etc.)?  This may sound grandiose, but if you have nothing to offer that will change a person’s life for THEIR better (bad grammar but you get my point), then really, why should they come back?

If you cannot answer those questions, how can you expect complete strangers to know you, value you, be loyal to you, or recommend you to others? The answers to these questions are the foundation of your blog or online business. If you don’t have a solid foundation, you can’t build the rest of your blog or online business on something secure and lasting and predictable.  You know, it’s the old “the wise man built his house upon the rock…” thing.

The bad news is this: MOST bloggers and online-business owners operate from cluelessness. The good news? MOST bloggers and online business owners operate from cluelessness… so if you do not, then you already have a huge advantage over them.

Now you have a set of questions to get you on the right path. Once you answer these questions, you have a way to measure your efforts because whatever you do can be compared to your answers. 

What are your questions for me?

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