If you read anything related to social media, you are bound to run into “experts” who emphatically declare there is a “right way” to use each type of social media

Without a doubt in their minds, we are all using Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram/Facebook the wrong way and we need to learn the “right way” to use social media to build our online businesses.  Predictably, they often have program, class, webinar, or e-book that will reveal to us the proper way to use social media.  

Guess what? There isn’t a “right way” to use social media. There is only the BEST WAY that works exactly the right way for each of us individually as bloggers and online business owners.  It’s not “one-size-fits-all.”  You need to figure out how to maximize each social-media platform for the specific business you are running, or for the blog you want to be successful. 

Or… don’t use them at all. Or pick and choose. Maybe your audience isn’t big on social media.  You decide what works for you and how you use it. 

Social media can certainly be a tool to grow your business, and there are lots of people out there with good ideas on how to use the available social-media sites BUT as long as your readers are having fun and communicating with you and with each other, don’t stress about whether or not you are utilizing every social-media network. I think many people get overwhelmed with the pressure to be fully engaged in every big social-media platform.

Here’s my advice:  educate yourself about social media. Listen to the suggestions of others about how to use it. Along with those suggestions, do your best to “throw out the rules” mentally and see if you can dream up some creative, non-standard ways you can use social media to benefit YOUR business and YOUR readers. 

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